Arizona Agency

Arizona Agency


Creating Python scripts

Scripts of any complexity

Happy to write a new script for different tasks:
+ Ad units
+ Parsing data from sites
+ Data processing
+ Working with MySQL
+ Working with API
+ Your requests

Need for ordering:
Precise formulation of the task and detailed written terms of reference - a guarantee of prompt and high-quality work.
Type: Writing and revision
Languages: JS, Python
Service Scope per request: 1 simple script, up to 200 lines of code

Developing a PC game on Unity

For this order is characterized by games 2D, 3D, Online, Offline Any complexity. Before you place an order for this quack you need to contact me to form the full cost of all the mechanics in your future game.

The cost is specified for one mechanic in your future game. In order to understand what will be the final cost of the whole project should be described in TK all the mechanics in detail and then you can count them and see how complex, medium or simple.
Needed for the order:

From the buyer is required to provide TZ, which should be described all the mechanics of the game, as the customer needs to provide all the graphics and sounds.
Type: PC
Language: C#

WhatsApp mailing program for PC

A program for sending messages on WhatsApp from your computer.

This program will allow you to send messages to any available WhatsApp numbers from your Windows PC, with no limit on the number.
You will be able to do  WhatsApp

mailings on your own base of numbers.
In 1 quart of half a year of using the program.
The numbers are loaded from any text file and you can change the header of the messages, so the chances of getting banned are lowered.
Important: Spamming can lead to blocking your account.
Before ordering please write to the LS and ask all your questions.
This program will help to get new clients, increase audience or make quality ads.
Please do not order before we discuss details.
After purchase you will get an archive with the program. You will need to install the official version of WhatsApp for PC to run the program.
Authorization from your phone, in the official WhatsApp app on PC.
Required for ordering:
Please email me before ordering, I will explain in detail how the program works and discuss the details.

Top program to promote the site and increase visitors

A unique program that emulates real people (not bots) P. S. now you will understand why.

This program is completely unique, there is no other of this, at least how much we have not looked, not found anything similar, it was decided to do ourselves, and so:

1) the program can do 99 simultaneous queries and views from all over the different sites (your choice)

2) Transitions by keywords from the p. s. (search engines) thus can give the keys in searchevikah when typing, with a good run,

3) supports fingerprints of browsers and machines, (PCs, laptops, phones) and thus emulates real users

4) has the ability to work with proxies, + (emulation of real people)

5) it is possible to set time intervals (for example, from 60 to 100 seconds, no more, no less)

6) the ability to move to other sites (adjust the number of transitions to the site from 1 to 99)

7) And perhaps the most important action: the transition on the item, so you can insert on your site, any script, such as advertising or bitcoin faucet, prescribe this element in the settings, and to put the above settings.

Support 7 days.

video Instruction attached!!!
Need to order:

After you make the order, I will send you a link, to the archive, to download, this program, in the archive program + video instruction.

Turn on the program and enjoy!

Program for mass mailing of personal messages to Telegram - groups

A program for mass mailing to personal messages, by Telegram users - open Telegram groups.

The ability to send simultaneously from multiple Telegram accounts.

Soft works on python, supports randomization of the text, as well as proxies in the format, HTTPs, SOCKS-4, SOCKS-5 IPv4; "Without a proxy program will not work.

With this program you can easily make promotional newsletter in private messages to users telegram or open groups.

The program works on any PC 64/bit, except Mac. The license of the program is perpetual, the software is not tied to the iron.

An overview of the program you can see in the attached files of this description. The program runs on python.

Email validation software to check the validity of Email addresses and increase the base

This program checks whether Email addresses exist or not. You upload a text file with the words, this program will check if Email addresses with these words exist in different email services.

For example, the name james will be checked for the existence of such Email addresses as:,,,

After checking for the existence of these addresses, the program writes only the existing ones in separate txt files. Thus you not only check the validity of existing databases, but also you increase it at the expense of other mail services.

This program is necessary for those who want to send emails only to existing Email addresses. It is more important than ever for the sender's reputation since sending messages to non-existent email addresses leads to getting banned by the mail service and to getting them in Spam.

Proxy support.

One license = 1 PC. No time limit for use.

Program is packed, add an exception in an antivirus, as antivirus can erroneously scold.
Need to order:

1. Contact admin.

2. Obtain a link to an archive with the program.

3. send the generated key to the seller, which the buyer will see at the first launch of the program in the upper right corner of the program.

4. Wait for online activation from seller.

5. Confirm purchase.
Scope of the service: Provision of the program.
Online activation.