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    The technical team is one of the key components of project success. We have eight years of experience in creating our own startups and developing startups on outsourcing, so we can say that no team is as effective as the one that sits in the same room with the whole team. There are exceptional rare cases, but you shouldn't expect yours to be just that. The most effective thing is for everyone to work in the same room at the same time.
    Lively communication among team members is a direct way to work most effectively and execute development plans.

    Technical Skills

    •     Ruby on Rails
    •     PHP
    •     Ruby
    •     Python
    •     MySQL
    •     PostgreSQL
    •     Clickhouse
    •     Neo4j
    •     Redis
    •     JavaScript
    •     Vue.JS
    •     jQuery
    •     Arduino
    •     CSS, SASS
    •     Git


    •     Machine Learning
    •     Neural Networks
    •     Tensorflow
    •     Keras
    •     Artificial Intelligence
    •     Computer Vision
    •     Blockchain
    •     Big Data
    •     High Load
    •     Personalization

    Organizational Skills

    •     Software Development
    •     Agile Methodologies
    •     Entrepreneurship
    •     Programming
    •     Scrum
    •     Software Engineering
    •     E-commerce
    •     Agile
    •     Cloud Computing
    •     OOP
    •     Venture Capital
    •     Sales Management
    •     Project Management
    •     Product Management
    •     R&D

        Team Management
    Personal Skills

        Problem Solving

        Stress Management